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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Aug 1 00:56:52 CEST 2006

Trent Fisher wrote:

>I have a big problem, and I am hoping someone here has some advice... I have a person on my mailing list who has been very abusive, but has recently taken a turn to the creepy (I would call it cyberstalking), and so I have been trying to eject him from the list.

Other responders have given good advice. I just want to address a few
technical issues.


>Then I set new subscribers to be moderated by default.  Then after a pause of a week or so, he starts posting again.  But he cannot as only members may post to the list.  Looking at the email headers it is clear that he must be forging the email messages to look, to the casual observer, like they are going through the mailing list, but his messages lack the proper "Reply-To" and all the "List-*" headers... but he is somehow "on" the mailing list to be getting the messages to respond to.

Does your list have archives? If he is a member, even with delivery
disabled, he can visit archives, and if archives are public, anyone
can visit them.

Is your list roster available to anyone, list members, or only the

>So, I set all recent subscribers to "nomail", under the assumption one of them is him.  But his posts (that is, replys to mailing list messages) continue.  So he still has an address on the list, but I cannot figure out which one.
>Here's something weird: someone subscribed a week or so ago, but I cannot find them on the web interface.  I get both subscribe and unsubscribe notifications, so I know he didn't unsubscribe.  Could this guy be exploiting a bug?

Prior to Mailman 2.2 which isn't released yet, changes of address are
not logged, so he subscribed and then changed his address.

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