[Mailman-Users] duplicate messages from shunt queue

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Tue Aug 1 01:08:50 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Recently I found a fairly huge amount of files in the shunt queue (around 
1500).  All I could gather from the error log is that most of them were from an 
old bug in parsing weird charsets and the later ones were due to the post and 
smtp-failur logfiles being owned by root.  So I fixed the perms (had already 
upgraded to 2.1.8 a month or so ago) and all was well.

Then I ran bin/unshunt.

Then people started complaining that they were getting a few hundred old 
messages. :)

What am I missing here?  From what I've been able to dig up on the list 
archives the qfiles/shunt directory should only contain messages that never 
made it out to any lists due to some error in config, perms or some bug in 
mailman itself.  But it's looking like these all did somehow make it through 
mailman previously and were sent a second time.  A few other tidbits:

-looking at some samples, msgids are the same, so it wasn't a user getting a 
rejection and then posting again

-the dupes DO NOT show up in the web archive

Any other info I can supply here?  Mailman 2.1.8, ruby 1.8.2, FreeBSD 4.7.



Charles Sprickman
Bway.net - New York's Best Internet - www.bway.net
spork at bway.net - 212.655.9344

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