[Mailman-Users] having problems with a new subscriber

Rachel Assuncao rachel at musango.ca
Wed Aug 9 17:45:31 CEST 2006



I just joined this group, and searched the archives to see if I could find
some help but nothing came up.  We began using Mailman a couple of weeks ago
after a service we were using went belly up.  So far, I have to say I love


When we switched from the old list serve (Smartgroups) to the shiny new
Mailman list serve, we automatically subscribed all of our existing members
so that we wouldn't lose anyone.  One of these existing subscribers is
having a problem, and I am hoping that someone out there might be able to
help me to solve it.


Here's the situation.  When we did the switch over to the new list, the
member was added to the list, but for some reason isn't receiving emails.  I
checked her subscription and everything appeared to be fine.  One thing that
I thought might be the issue was that she was listed in the list management
as having an email address that was all in lower case letters (a made up
address, for example, would be newlist at genuinecontact.info).  However, her
email address when she created it was done all in upper case (i.e.
NEWLIST at genuinecontact.info) and I didn't know if that would make a
difference.  So, I unsubscribed her from the lists, and then sent her an
invitation to join the list with her upper case email address.  She never
received the invitations to either list.  For some reason nothing from our
list is getting through to her.


Does anyone have any suggestions about what might be happening here or how
to fix it?


Thank you!

Rachel Assuncao


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life is when men are afraid of the light.

~ Plato


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