[Mailman-Users] Messages not reaching mailman

Steve stephen at yeago.net
Sun Aug 13 10:30:45 CEST 2006

Well, I actually had to fetch and install the RPM to get this thing to
even appear in Plesk, if that makes any diffference. Once it was
installed a Mailman icon appeared in the panel and, on clicking, a
configuration had to run. Did that, and now I'm here.

Did grep etc/aliases and got nothing specific to any list. I'm
guessing that's an issue. I created a 'newlist' via the command line
and still nothing appears in etc/aliases.

Comments welcome. I'm going to spend more time on it tomorrow.

Did telnet localhost 25....

220 myserver.net ESMTP (Ambiguous...)


On 8/12/06, Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> wrote:
> At 3:08 PM -0400 2006-08-12, Steve wrote:
> >  Fresh install of FC2 RPM. Configured by Plesk software (it simply
> >  added add_virtualhost('myhost') to bottom of mm_cfg.py).
> >
> >  Using SMTPDirect but I am not sure what MTA is being used (and would
> >  like to know how to find out).
> If you're using Plesk, then the MTA is probably qmail.  But you could
> try telnet'ing to port 25 on your local machine to find out for sure.
> >  SMTP log entries only correspond to subscription requests--not mails
> >  to the list.
> This sounds suspiciously like the aliases not being set up correctly
> to route mail into Mailman, but I can't be sure.  However, if you're
> using Plesk and their integrated Mailman support, then that shouldn't
> be an issue.
> Unfortunately, our ability to help you with problems that might be
> related to Plesk is limited -- see FAQ 6.15.
> As for the rest, I don't have any other ideas at the moment.
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