[Mailman-Users] Messages not reaching mailman

Steve stephen at yeago.net
Sun Aug 13 23:13:44 CEST 2006

I really appreciate your help with this. Its too bad when a lack of
communication/collab between projects turns something as simple as a
mailing list into a two weekend project, but its solved with your
help. Thanks.

Was able to fix this problem and it ended up having nothing to do
with Aliases.


Although while I followed those steps I felt like indiana jones
crossing that invisible bridge in the Temple of Doom, it worked
perfectly (for groups created in Plesk).


On 8/13/06, Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> wrote:
> At 2:44 PM -0400 2006-08-13, Steve wrote:
> >  Let's pretend I never said PLESK.
> Problem is, we know that they make modifications to Mailman and the
> way they interact with Mailman, and because they haven't shared those
> modifications with us, we can't support them.  Worse, we don't even
> have a clue as to what many of the modifications are.  They do the
> same for their MTA, qmail.
> So, if you were to rip out their support for Mailman, or even their
> ability to *see* Mailman, and do the same for their version of qmail,
> and replace these two packages with the standard source versions
> available from their respective sites, then you'd be likely to be
> able to get at least some useful help.  I mean, there aren't many
> sites using qmail together with Mailman, but there are a few.
> Better yet would be to rip out their MTA and replace that with
> something that is better supported with Mailman, such as postfix,
> Exim, or sendmail.
> >                                    You were right about the Aliases not
> >  being added. I created the list via the command line and copied the
> >  output to /etc/aliases. Now the situation is only the list
> >  administrator is receiving mails sent by others, and not vice verse.
> When you get an all-in-one admin like Plesk, you have to decide if
> you're going to stick with their stuff, or not.  If you are, then you
> need to get all your support from your provider and the people who
> support the software that your provider gives you.
> If you're going to go your own way, then you can turn to the vendors
> or support groups of the individual packages that you want to use,
> but then you're not going to be able to get anything in the way of
> support from your provider or the vendor of the all-in-one package.
> But this is a case where you can't really effectively eat your cake
> and have it too.
> In this case, you can look at our documentation, FAQs, and archive
> entries relating to Mailman and qmail (and Plesk), but there's going
> to be little more assistance that we can provide.
> Maybe there are a few other admins on the list who are in the same
> boat you are (with Plesk, qmail, and Mailman), and you guys can all
> help support each other, and your sub-group would be able to take
> advantage of putting relevant information in our FAQ, etc....
> But this is going to have to be a self-supporting sub-group, because
> none of the rest of us have any experience with the kind of stuff
> you're doing.  Certainly, none of the core developers or admins for
> the Mailman project are likely to be able to help.
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