[Mailman-Users] Need to stop mailman

Gary Hall gary.chris at comcast.net
Thu Aug 24 17:57:24 CEST 2006

Hi Guy's,

Problem: Mailman is sending out unsolicited emails and I want to clear 
out the remaining emails.

I will stop the service (at the machine itself) by:

/usr/local/mailman/bin/mailmanctl stop

The list in question is sending out unsolicited emails according to the person who once a month sends out an advertisement for his company. I have asked for examples and I am being stonewalled - don't know why he won't send me an example. He is the only one authorized to send mail - I set that myself.

I am not only the list owner, but I am the only one with passwords to the root and list. I have removed the network cable from the server and will access the server on site to type in the code above. After typing in the "stop" code I will reattach the network cable so I can view the root via secure shell at my office. After that I can use the html interface to view the list settings.

Question: What do I look for? Have I missed anything? Is there a "file" that holds emails that need to be sent out? Has anyone else had this problem? Is this guy blowing smoke up my *(^&%?


Warm regards,



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