[Mailman-Users] Double address in Reply-To header

Tomi Snellman tomi.snellman at kolumbus.fi
Fri Aug 25 09:19:57 CEST 2006


Our Mailman was recently upgraded to 2.1.5. After the upgrade, a couple
of subscribers began complaining that they were receiving double replies 
to their posts. It turned out that their MUA was appending their private 
address to the list address in the Reply-To header.

I've tried to find out what is happening, but without success. One 
subscriber was using an old version of Outlook Express, but she was 
still getting the same behaviour after she upgraded OE, and even after 
she switched over to Thunderbird. Another subscriber is using some 
version of elm.

What really makes me wonder, what is different in the messages that this 
can happen at all? With the old version of Mailman, nothing of the sort 


Tomi Snellman

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