[Mailman-Users] Double address in Reply-To header

Oleg D. perl at ipchains.ru
Fri Aug 25 10:05:39 CEST 2006

Tomi Snellman wrote:

>Our Mailman was recently upgraded to 2.1.5. After the upgrade, a couple
>of subscribers began complaining that they were receiving double replies 
>to their posts. It turned out that their MUA was appending their private 
>address to the list address in the Reply-To header.
>I've tried to find out what is happening, but without success. One 
>subscriber was using an old version of Outlook Express, but she was 
>still getting the same behaviour after she upgraded OE, and even after 
>she switched over to Thunderbird. Another subscriber is using some 
>version of elm.
>What really makes me wonder, what is different in the messages that this 
>can happen at all? With the old version of Mailman, nothing of the sort 
>Tomi Snellman
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Did you stopped older version of mailman with your ``cli'' scripts eq 
`mailmanctl' ?

Oleg D.

don't believe every word people use to say, they might be wrong.

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