[Mailman-Users] Stupid newbie request

Bob Landman rlandman at hlinstruments.com
Sun Aug 27 20:24:04 CEST 2006

Mark, Brad,

I finally got it to work!  The password I used was my SUBSCRIBER password - that failed.  What works to get the list is my ADMINISTRATOR password and that works REGARDLESS of if the list is set (Privacy) for Administrator only or List Members inquiry.

All I did was to send a blank mail to the list with -request appended to the list name (nothing in the subject, just who ADMINpassword in the body) and back came the complete list of members including the private ones.  The public info page only returns those who are not set to private.

Thanks to everyone for the help.  May I humbly suggest an edit of the documentation and error message responses would be helpful?


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I tried the method of going to the subscriber list from the listinfo page or directly at something like <http://example.com/mailman/roster/listname>

and that worked ok. I then cut and pasted the addresses into a text file.  Not as handy as a text file sent to me but better than nothing at all.


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Bob Landman wrote:

>Not true Mark.  My list has that option turned off and I checked A,B,C list pages and none of the subcribers had that box checked.

OK. Then resend your 'who' request to the listname-request address and if the response doesn't contain the list and it is not evident why, post the response here and I'll try to help.

Also, what happens if you try to go to the subscriber list from the listinfo page or directly at something like <http://example.com/mailman/roster/listname>

>And as for running a script - how can I do that when I don't have command line authority as Mailman for me is hosted by a commercial website?  How do I run such a script (provided I can find someone to write it for me)?

The scripts are already written and are found at the URLs in the FAQ, and you don't run them on the Mailman server, you run them on your own workstation.

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