[Mailman-Users] Just archives

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Wed Aug 30 06:19:20 CEST 2006

I've got a mailing list running successfully in Mailman, formerly on
my own server, now being hosted at Dreamhost.  A peculiarity of their
implementation is that I don't have access to the archive files or any
of the other mailman-specific directories; or apparently to the
executables either (I haven't looked really hard, or asked; it's not
key to my question).

I've also got old archives of the mailing list, both old ezmlm
archives, and from a more recent incarnation a large mbox file
collected by a user (and a good thing, since I managed to lose my copy
in a disk meltdown).

What I think I want to do is leave the new/current mailing list, and
its archives, alone, and put up the old archives in my web space.  (A
more aggressive approach would be to try to attach my old archives to
the beginning of the new/current archive, so everything would be in
one place.  That would require a lot of reliance on Dreamhost tech
support, since I don't have access to those files/directories, and
they might not even be willing to do it.)

So, what executables and configuration settings are key to this?  I
need to run "arch", it looks like, and have a mailing list configured
that will define where it puts the resulting HTML files.  Maybe also
stuff to make the page templates match the rest of the website (I did
that for the ezmlm-cgi version).   And I only have to do this once
(just to convert the old archives, static, no more messages).

Might I be better off approaching this via pipermail?  I'm not really
clear, but I think that's a library for message archive handling,
which mailman uses for its archives?  So it might have all the parts
of what I need, and maybe give me more freedom to write page layouts?
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