[Mailman-Users] query re "message has implicit destination"(devils advocate!)

Bretton Vine bretton at hivemind.net
Thu Aug 31 20:06:56 CEST 2006

Dragon said the following on 2006/08/31 07:44 PM:
> But if you don't like the defaults or have a reason to choose a
> different setting, you can change them at your own risk either through
> configuring each list or by overriding the setting in mm_cfg.py

I'm not criticising, and I'm more than willing to put in some effort. What
useful settings apply? The default 'legacy' antispam measures are merely an
example (for example).

> Open source projects are never going to have documentation to the
> standard you want. Unless you or somebody else is willing to take on
> that large project, continuing to harp on the subject is only going to
> serve to annoy people.

That's the trouble with email - tone is lost, along with intention ;-)

> I think they have gone above and beyond the call of
> duty in this discussion and I am amazed at the restraint they have shown.

The teacher learns more from the student than the student learns from the
teacher. It would be wise not to forget that. <big grin>

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