[Mailman-Users] Issues with replaced characters/newlines in mailmanlists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Feb 3 01:56:13 CET 2006

Matt Zorzin wrote:

>My company runs several mailman lists for internal usage, which we have 
>been happy with for years. Recently after an upgrade, our system has 
>started behaving strangely.

Upgrade from what to what?

>We have an automated ticket system that occasionally sends out email to 
>the lists. This has always worked fine in the past. Lately, it is 
>starting to replace spaces in the subject header with odd characters and 
>newlines....but only on two of the four lists.
>An example: This is a copy/paste of an affected message's header.
>Subject: [XXX-List] XXXXX-XXXXX: unit not eligible for warranty
>	despite being purchased as new
>You'll notice the newline after 'warranty'.

The newline is a result of RFC 2822 header folding applied to long
headers. The headers may start out long or they may grow because of
the addition of the subject prefix. MUAs such as Outlook Express and
Mozilla should unfold the subject and display it without the newline.

>Also, most of the spaces in these subjects are being replaced by 
>characters unprintable in Outlook Express or Mozilla; we get little 
>black squares in between each word, which indicates some sort of 
>character set error.

I don't know what would cause this. Does it happen for all posts or
only on posts from the ticket system? i.e. what happens if you send a
normal email post to a ticket list?

What does the actual, raw subject look like if you view the 'message

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