[Mailman-Users] Issues with replaced characters/newlines in mailmanlists

Matt Zorzin zorzin at anc.net
Fri Feb 3 23:10:13 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Matt Zorzin wrote:
>>My company runs several mailman lists for internal usage, which we have 
>>been happy with for years. Recently after an upgrade, our system has 
>>started behaving strangely.
> Upgrade from what to what?

I must clarify on this. This is a clean mailman 2.1.6 install from 
scratch. We configured all four mailing lists separately and identically.

We are not sure, but our previous version was in the 2.0 family.

> I don't know what would cause this. Does it happen for all posts or
> only on posts from the ticket system? i.e. what happens if you send a
> normal email post to a ticket list?

Emails from a client such as OE or Mozilla do not get mangled. Only 
posts from our ticket system are affected.

> What does the actual, raw subject look like if you view the 'message
> source'?

This is an exact copy and paste of an affected subject, with info 
obfuscated but of an identical length to the original information:

Subject: [Suspect List XX] 1111111111-111111: Subject of emails coming from
	mailing lists with "?" between words

Our mail clients all run through AVG Enterprise antivirus.

One interesting note is that it seems that many posts from this very 
list (mailman-users) are exhibiting the same symptoms; i'm getting the 
nonprintable characters in Mozilla, and a 'view source' shows a newline 
in the subject.


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