[Mailman-Users] Issues with replaced characters/newlines in mailman lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Feb 4 01:21:24 CET 2006

Matt Zorzin wrote:
>We are not sure, but our previous version was in the 2.0 family.

I'm not familiar offhand with what 2.0.x did WRT folding subject
headers, but maybe it didn't.

>> What does the actual, raw subject look like if you view the 'message
>> source'?
>This is an exact copy and paste of an affected subject, with info 
>obfuscated but of an identical length to the original information:
>Subject: [Suspect List XX] 1111111111-111111: Subject of emails coming from
>	mailing lists with "?" between words

The only thing I see in this subject is RFC 2822 folding (i.e. the
newline followed by whitespace (a tab in this case) that is the
standard way of folding long headers. I see only spaces between words.
I see nothing that would cause your MUA (client) to show
'undisplayable' characters.

>Our mail clients all run through AVG Enterprise antivirus.
>One interesting note is that it seems that many posts from this very 
>list (mailman-users) are exhibiting the same symptoms; i'm getting the 
>nonprintable characters in Mozilla, and a 'view source' shows a newline 
>in the subject.

As I indicated in my previous post, the newline comes from folding of a
long subject in a standard way. My MUA is going to do this to this
message which is going directly to you, not through Mailman. What do
you see in your MUA as the subject of this message?

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