[Mailman-Users] Publishing participant posting statistics

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Feb 5 21:57:18 CET 2006

Dave Crocker wrote:
>I would like to publish an "activity" report every month, to show who the most 
>active participants are and how many messages they have posted (and what percent 
>of the total this constitutes.)

I think the easiest way to do this is by analysis and summarization of
Mailman's 'post' log. If you rotate logs, you may need to alter the
rotation to be sure you have the whole month, but you could have a
cron script that would run on the first of the month and produce to
report for the previous month and mail it to a few people or even to
the list.

You could also do this using a list's
archives/private/listname/yyyy-Month.txt(.gz) as the data source.

One caveat if you use the post log. In Mailman prior to 2.1.7, for
certain list settings, the log entries show the sender as
listname-bounces at ... instead of the real sender. This is fixed in

See Brad Knowles Mailman Daily Status Report (mmdsr) script in the
Mailman contrib/ directory (for 2.1.7 and up) or at
for an example of a script that does log analysis and mails results.

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