[Mailman-Users] sendmail and mm-handler woes - SOLVED

Kevin McNamee kevin.mcnamee at symsoft.se
Tue Feb 14 13:09:03 CET 2006


It was a permissions problem. mm-handler had a different owner to what was
specified in the sendmail.cf. When I changed this everything worked.

Thanks for all your help.


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Hi Mark,

>>This works:
>>echo "From: kevin.mcnamee<at>symsoft.se
>>To: foobar<at>mailman.symsoft.se
>>Subject: Test
>>test mail body
>>" | /etc/mail/mm-handler mailman.symsoft.se \
>>-r kevin.mcnamee<at>symsoft.se foobar
>>This does not work:
>>echo "From: kevin.mcnamee<at>symsoft.se
>>To: foobar<at>mailman.symsoft.se
>>Subject: Test
>>test mail body
>>" | /usr/sbin/sendmail -fkevin.mcnamee<at>symsoft.se \

>And what happens to the message in this case? Are these the ones that
>get held for moderation and then just get to digest.mbox and nowhere
>else? See my prior reply.

In the sendmail case they never reach mailman. They are not in the
digest.mbox and there is no log activity. I should also say that in the
sendmail case, if I turn on DEBUG in mm-handler then I do get a DEBUG
response from mm-handler. I will continue to investigate. 

>Also, are you approving the moderated messages by web or email. Why are
>they held? If you're approving by email, are you including the
>Approved: line?

I am approving via web. The are held because I am not a member. I guess I
can add myself now, since the foobar list is working properly (compared to

>>I should mention that I had originally ran make install as root and before
>>creating foobar I changed all files owned by root to be owned by mailman.
>># find /usr/local/mailman -user root -exec chown mailman {} \;

>This is what bin/check_perms is for.

check_perms did not complain before or after I did the chown.


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