[Mailman-Users] Virtusertable with 2.1.7

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Feb 14 21:46:43 CET 2006

Mel Sojka wrote:

>Well Mark what I have currently in the Virtusertable is
>maillist at aabb.com   maillist
>maillist-admin at aabb.com    maillist-admin
>maillist-request at aabb.com    maillist-request
>maillist-owner at aabb.com   maillist-admin

This one is definitely wrong. In Mailman 2.1.x, maillist-admin is a
deprecated name, and it goes to bounce processing, not to the owner.

>maillist-bounces at aabb.com maillist-bounces

I think you can remove all the above from virtusertable and remap it
unless you have a pontential conflict with a non-mailman address in
some other domain, e.g. maillist at ccdd.com.

>But I just looked at some of the sendmail returns and I believe I did 
>fix_url wrong for the two domains where the problems lie. It appears 
>that fix_url was done to mail.aabb.com and not aabb.com if that would 
>cause a problem. Going to have to study up on fix_url again it appears.

That could cause more than one problem, but I think even with the

maillist-bounces at aabb.com maillist-bounces

entry in virtusertable, both maillist-bounces at aabb.com and
maillist-bounces at mail.aabb.com will be delivered to mailman anyway,
the former by being redirected to the local maillist-bounces alias via
virtusertable and the latter by getting directly to the alias.

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