[Mailman-Users] Moderator permissions or rights

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Feb 19 07:41:17 CET 2006

Allan Hansen wrote:

>I have this same requirement. I was thinking of writing some CGI
>scripts that take commands from the moderator and then apply them
>to the lists via the mailman command line interface.
>My own reason for this is that some moderators are handling many 
>lists, and going into each one with a password is taking too long.
>Instead, I'll let them in with a single password, and then have
>a dialog that lets them subscribe/unsubscribe/change address for
>multiple people/lists at a time.

Your approach is certainly viable, but here's another idea that may
help in a case like yours.

If the moderator uses a browser like Firefox for example that can
remember passwords for a web site and can open a bookmark folder in
tabs, she can create a bookmark folder containing links to the admindb
pages for all the lists. Then if she selects the folder->open in tabs,
this opens all the lists admindb pages at once, each in its own tab.
Further if the password is saved and "automatically fill and submit"
selected, the login is automatic. The one potential drawback is it
generally requires all the moderator passwords for her lists to be the
same, as passwords are remembered by site, not by page, at least in

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