[Mailman-Users] Multiple mailing lists

Nigel Ridley nigel at rmk.co.il
Sun Feb 26 17:49:23 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Nigel Ridley wrote:
>>I read the documentation:
>>and it looks pretty complicated (and I'm not sure if I could do all of 
>>what is required on my hosted website).
> Usually, one does not have sufficient access to a hosted server to
> install mailman.
>>I have a website with a Mailman list (using cpanel - which came with the 
>>hosting plan) and I would like to have multiple mailing lists.
>>Basically they would be announcement lists having the same content but 
>>in several different languages.
>>Q. What is the best way to set up such a system?
> You could have a list per language and post to each list in it's own
> language. Ideally, each list's preferred_language attribute would be
> the language you post in, but this would not be an absolute
> requirement.
> Mailman has no facility for actually translating the content of a post
> to another language. The language options control the language of
> notices, web pages and canned messages only.

No I didn't expect Mailman to translate content for me -- I know it's 
good but.......

>>The problem using cpanel is that it defaults Mailman to English and my 
>>hosting company said it would be better to install Mailman in my own space:
>>You would have to install a copy of mailman under your own space to take 
>>advantage of the language packs.  Any change we would make to the 
>>serverwide install would just be overwritten by cpanel when next it updated.
>><end quote>
> Either I don't understand your issue or cPanel is worse than I thought
> or your host doesn't understand Mailman's language support.

I think they don't understand -- see below:

> To set up a list in French for example, go to the Mailman admin
> interface Language Options page. Check French under available
> languages and Submit Your Changes. Then set preferred_language to
> French and Submit Your Changes again. If this isn't available on your
> hosted installation, then maybe you can't do it. If you can, then
> there is nothing that the host has to change to support this that
> would be reversed in an update.

Yes! I went to the Language Options page and yes I can change the 
default language :-)

So now I just have to figure out my next move -- I would really like 
about 10 or 12 mailing lists for the different languages -- is that 
possible if I can install Mailman in my 'own space'?

My web hosting company doesn't see a problem for me to install Mailman:
Mailman is to be installed by a username anyway, as noted in the 
documentation.  There might be a few symlinks we have to set up for you, 
but other than that there's no trick to it.
<end quote>

Anyway, you have cheered me up no end :-)



It's not a problem -- it's a learning opportunity.

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