[Mailman-Users] Getting my mailing list

William F. Hill, Jr. william at rtrc.net
Wed Jan 4 12:05:45 CET 2006


I have asked this question in the past and still cannot find a simple,
layman's way of getting my membership list downloaded.   Some of you have
been very kind and told me some ways using "cron jobs" and stuff like that
but to be honest that is over my head unless you tell me point by point the
exact things to do.  My goal is to get my list downloaded and then create a
NEW list on another server but I do not want to manually type all the email
addresses again (though there are only 62 addresses).  

Also, why doesn't mailman have this feature built in?  It seems that this
would be a normal thing to want to do from time to time for backup purposes.
Other than that I think the program is wonderful.

Thanks for your help... 

Coram Deo,

William F. Hill, Jr.
Member, Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church, PCA
Hampton, VA. USA

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