[Mailman-Users] Mail not reaching everyone on mailing list

Heather Madrone heather at madrone.com
Sat Jan 7 19:10:52 CET 2006

At 7:39 AM -0500 1/7/06, Ira Rosenblum wrote:
>Last week I wrote that none of the mail (using Mailman 2.1.6) being 
>sent to my list was reaching the list members, but I have since 
>discovered that about 25% of the members (that's a rough estimate) 
>are receiving mail, while the rest are not. It makes no sense to me. 
>The list has about 310 names on it, most of which were mass 
>subscribed by my cutting and pasting e-mail addresses (as text only; 
>I removed the hyperlinks from them first) from an excel spreadsheet.
>Last week, Mark answered by asking: Have you checked Mailman's 'smtp' 
>and 'smtp-failure' logs? Also, the error log?
>I don't have access to the logs. I've asked someone who does to 
>check, but I haven't heard from them yet. Meanwhile, does this make 
>any sense at all, that the mail is so sporadic? Has anyone else had 
>this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it?

Did you strip off the human-readable part of the addresses before you
put them in the bulk subscription box?  My hunch would be that you
still have something more than a bare email address there, and
some mail servers are snuffy about the format of the address.  Gmail
is one such.

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