[Mailman-Users] Hello and newbie question(s)

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Jan 15 01:57:00 CET 2006

J. Horton wrote:
>I'm very adept at configuring list via the web interface, but I now  
>have a bit of a problem.
>Recently, we decided to set up individual lists for each Kentucky  
>county represented in our organization's BIG LIST.  I created these  
>lists (120 in all) using the command lines, and they are now set up  
>and running (though empty).   Problem is, I'd like to set the same  
>bounce processing variables for each list, without having to go into  
>the web interface to each individually (a huge time killer).
>Is there anyway to do this kind of work globally via the command  
>line?  Here are the configurations I would like to try and do all at  
>one time, and I was wondering not only how to type the command, but  
>also how to enter the values (whether integer or Yes/No):

You need a combination of things.

bin/config_list -i file_name list_name

will do the work of configuring one list. Run

bin/config_list --help

for details of the command. Run

bin/config_list -o file_name some_list_name

to get an example of what things need to look like in the input file.
Keep in mind that the input file need have only those attributes you
want to change.

Then you need to wrap the above command in a shell script that will run
it for each list.

>Also, I have yet to import email addresses into these 120 individual  
>lists.  I have, however, separated all the lists into individual text  
>files ("countyX.txt", "countyY.txt", etc.)  Is there a way (again) to  
>do this import via the command line (thus bypassing the web interface?)

bin/add_members is what you want here. Again, run

bin/add_members --help

for details. and you'll need to wrap this in a shell script to run the
command once for each list/input combination.

I have no idea what the scripting commands look like in the Mac
Terminal shell, but this kind of script is fairly simple.

For example, suppose you have the listnames in a file named
/path/to/listnames, and further suppose for simplicity that the list
names are "countyX", "countyY", etc. as in the file names above.

Then if this were a *nix sh compatible shell, the script might look like

for name in `cat /path/to/listnames`
do bin/config_list -i /path/to/config/input ${name}
bin/add_members -r /path/to/${name}.txt -w n -a n ${name}

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