[Mailman-Users] Email accounts for bounces, admin, confirm, etc

Elvis Fernandes elvisfern at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 00:37:22 CET 2006

Hi Neilrey, Mark,

Thanks for your replies.

In my case, the company mail server is being maintained by the IT team, and
the mailman server is being maintained by me.

So from what you tell me, the /etc/aliases need to be updated in the company
mail server, right? Currently, the /etc/aliases are updated only in the
mailman server.

When I email to unix_sysadmin-bounces, it comes back with permanent fatal
My theory for this error is: when I email unix_sysadmin-bounces, it goes to
the company email server. Since this email server does not have
unix_sysadmin-bounces email account, it just returns the email to the
sender. The company email server does not have a way to check with the
mailman server. Right?

Elvis Fernandes

On 1/23/06, Neilrey Espino <Neilrey.Espino at fundserv.com> wrote:
> Hi Elvis,
> I had the same thoughts before.
> Anyway, you don't need to create another email accounts,,,,  the aliases
> is good enough...  just make sure you type "newaliases" after you edit
> it.
> Regards,
> __________________________
> Neilrey
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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] Email accounts for bounces, admin, confirm, etc
> Hello folks,
> I have created a mail list unix_sysadmin, and this email account is
> "approved"  by my IT team.
> I use sendmail, and in my /etc/aliases, looks like this.
> ## unix_sysadmin mailing list
> unix_sysadmin:              "|/disk1/mailman/mail/mailman post
> unix_sysadmin"
> unix_sysadmin-admin:        "|/disk1/mailman/mail/mailman admin
> unix_sysadmin"
> unix_sysadmin-bounces:      "|/disk1/mailman/mail/mailman bounces
> unix_sysadmin"
> unix_sysadmin-confirm:      "|/disk1/mailman/mail/mailman confirm
> unix_sysadmin"
> unix_sysadmin-join:         "|/disk1/mailman/mail/mailman join
> unix_sysadmin"
> unix_sysadmin-leave:        "|/disk1/mailman/mail/mailman leave
> unix_sysadmin"
> unix_sysadmin-owner:        "|/disk1/mailman/mail/mailman owner
> unix_sysadmin"
> unix_sysadmin-request:      "|/disk1/mailman/mail/mailman request
> unix_sysadmin"
> unix_sysadmin-subscribe:    "|/disk1/mailman/mail/mailman subscribe
> unix_sysadmin"
> unix_sysadmin-unsubscribe:  "|/disk1/mailman/mail/mailman unsubscribe
> unix_sysadmin"
> My question is regarding the unix_sysadmin-admin, unix_sysadmin-bounces,
> unix_sysadmin-confirm, etc.
> Do I need to get the IT team to create seperate email accounts for
> unix_sysadmin-admin, unix_sysadmin-bounces, unix_sysadmin-confirm, etc?
> I plan to create a bunch of other mail lists. So, does email accounts
> need
> to be created for each -admin, -bounces, -confirm.
> Or, is there a way that all the email lists -admin, -bounces, -confirm
> can
> be consolidated into a single email account?
> Could someone share their idea's.
> Thanks
> Elvis Fernandes
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