[Mailman-Users] Email accounts for bounces, admin, confirm, etc

Elvis Fernandes elvisfern at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 04:29:18 CET 2006

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the suggestions.

I guess @list.company.com is a standard for mail lists, and that maybe the
way I need to go.

I appreciate all the responses for this mail ist. This place rocks!

Elvis Fernandes

On 1/23/06, Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:
> Elvis Fernandes wrote:
> >
> >In my case, the company mail server is being maintained by the IT team,
> and
> >the mailman server is being maintained by me.
> >
> >So from what you tell me, the /etc/aliases need to be updated in the
> company
> >mail server, right? Currently, the /etc/aliases are updated only in the
> >mailman server.
> >
> >When I email to unix_sysadmin-bounces, it comes back with permanent fatal
> >errors.
> >My theory for this error is: when I email unix_sysadmin-bounces, it goes
> to
> >the company email server. Since this email server does not have
> >unix_sysadmin-bounces email account, it just returns the email to the
> >sender. The company email server does not have a way to check with the
> >mailman server. Right?
> That complicates things considerably. What you need is for mail from
> the outside world to any of the 10 addresses per list to be delivered
> to your server. How this can be accomplished on the company mail
> server depends on what MTA runs there. It could probably be done with
> 10 email accounts per list, each with it's own .forward or other
> mechanism to redirect the mail to the Mailman server. It could
> probably also be done with aliases on the company server, or possibly
> programmatically.
> If the company mail server, via NTFS or whatever, could see the list of
> directories in Mailman's lists/ directory, it would be able to
> progammatically determine whether any particular address is a valid
> Mailman address and act accordingly (assuming it is progammable to
> that degree), but the IT people probably wouldn't like that since you
> could create a list with the same name as a company email user and
> 'intercept' that mail.
> It seems the 'best' solution is to use a separate email domain for
> Mailman, e.g. lists.company.com or mailman.company.com and publish an
> MX DNS record to get that domain delivered to the Mailman server.
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