[Mailman-Users] Makeshift backup mailman server - are there unforseen probs with this?

IT Purchases itp1 at nysernet.org
Fri Jan 27 15:19:20 CET 2006

I seemed to finally get a decent backup for mailman going.

It's not super slick or anything but seems to work pretty decently, but
you can never be too sure or ask enough questions when it comes to stuff
like this....so any feed back would be appreciated.

We are running two linux debian servers, one in City1 and the other in
City2.  Each night I copy over any CHANGED files in the /var/lib/mailman
directory.  I do NOT copy /usr/lib/mailman.

This works fairly well it seems.  We did a test and moved our mailman website
to the other server (the website has been made redundant in city2) 
and everything
seemed to line up just fine.

I wasn't able to send test messages to all the lists (we can have this!).  So
my tests are conclusive.  But all the unprocessed messages came over with it
and were released from the queue on the redundant server.

Does anyone see problems with this method backing up mailman?  We'll be doing a
full systems test in the spring and I need to know my mailman server 
isn't going
to break this way and if it does, what I'll need to do to make it work once
we switch to the other server.

Thanks in advance,


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