[Mailman-Users] Confirmation e-mail goes to user that is not admin or moderator

Charles M. Owen cmowen at att.net
Sat Jan 28 02:21:08 CET 2006

Sorry, I did miss it somehow. I will post against this topic, since it is
more appropriate.

I am an end-user of a rented server. I do not have access to mailman
directly. What is "MTA"?

I did discover three things. 

1) The person getting the unwanted message sent me a copy and it was to
<list>-owner@<example.com> from mailman-bounces@<example.com>  

2) When I added the list through the control panel, it automatically placed
a forwarder (only one) in the forwarder list:

owner-<list>@<example.com>  ==>>> <list>-admin@<example.com>  

2) Two people DID GET it that I did not expect and I found both addresses as
forwarded from the "Default Address Maintenance" where "All unrouted mail
will be sent".

SO... I get the message for being in the moderator field as I should and
they get it for unrouted mail. "<list>-owner" instead of "owner-<list>"
should be forwarded. This is my working theory!! I have an idea of this is
the course of action, but those more familiar can advise.

THUS... what do I need to do or get the provider to fix?


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Charles M. Owen wrote:

>I have set up a list and all the emails that are going to the "owner" are
>going to a person that is not on either the admin or moderator list.
>Any idea why?

Did you see the reply to your prior post at

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Charles M. Owen wrote:

>One of my users is getting the owner e-mail for some reason I can't figure
>out. There are only two places (admin & Moderator) and He is not there. He
>gets the request and the confirmation of the subscription.
>Where do I look?

Generally, internally generated Mailman owner notifications are sent to
list-owner at example.com and only after being received at that address
are they resent to the admin and moderator addresses.

So check what the MTA is doing with the list-owner address (aliases,
something else?).

Also check Mailman's smtp log. You'll normally see two entries with the
same message id. The first for 1 recipient (the mail to list-owner)
and the second perhaps a couple of seconds later for 'n' recipients
which will tell you how many admins/moderators it is sent to.

If you send mail directly to list-owner at example.com, does he get it?

Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net>       The highway is for gamblers,
San Francisco Bay Area, California    better use your sense - B. Dylan

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