[Mailman-Users] hit a bug problem solved

Sally K Scheer winerat at villagecorner.com
Fri Jul 28 23:52:17 CEST 2006

The problem has been solved. Tech support discovered the solution on a 
cpanel discussion list. Here's the solution that worked:

"I found that the issue was an empty request.pck file in the list's 


I found that if you remove the request.pck file it is recreated when you log 
back in.

I am not exactly sure if this is a good solution or not, I'm not real sure 
what the request.pck file does, but it is never very big (usually around 24 
bytes). I only had this issue on a couple of lists, and removing the 0 byte 
request.pck file for those lists seemed to fix the issue and I am not aware 
of any further issues that came about because the file was deleted and 
recreated. However, somebody else who is more aware of Mailman's inner 
workings may know whether or not removing this file is a good or bad idea."

While this solved the problem, it doesn't explain why it happened really. I 
wouldn't mind hearing something about that from the real experts.

Sally Scheer

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