[Mailman-Users] Added email address to "posters" in list config, but user's email must be approved each time, why?

Kenneth A. Wolcott kwolcott at cloudshield.com
Fri Jun 2 19:45:06 CEST 2006


  I added a user's email address to the "posters" variable in the 
specific list config file, but still the user's email must be approved 
each time.

  Why is this?  Do I need to shutdown and restart Mailman for the config 
changes to take effect?

  I then subscribed the user.  Still had to manually approve email 
messages.  I then unsubscribed the user.

  I looked at the FAQ and spent some time in the email archives and 
looked at the manual and even looked at python code -- still mystified.

  Perhaps I have missed an obvious section of the manual, or the FAQ or 
an email in the archive that discusses/resolves this situation.  If so, 
please point me to it.

  Is this a bug that is resolved in more recent versions of Mailman?

  The user is a virtual user.  The Mailman application has been 
successfully used at this site regarding a previous (and still existing) 
virtual user who was in the posters variable in the config file, but was 
not a subscriber.  I wanted to add a new virtual user.

  Mailman version 2.0.13 on Linux

Kenneth A. Wolcott
kwolcott at cloudshield.com

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