[Mailman-Users] attachments created by Mailman?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jun 13 22:50:10 CEST 2006

mail at ilovewhimsy.com wrote:
>Everything now works fine, except -- when I send an HTML email,  
>Mailman seems to duplicate my images (which I have NOT included as  
>attachments--they're hosted on the Web) and send them along as  
>attachments. I'm afraid that my subscribers won't even want to open my  
>newsletter when they see what appear to be attachments. The files look  
>like this:
>    image6.gif (< 0.01 MB), image7.gif (< 0.01 MB), image8.gif (< 0.01  
>MB), image9.gif (0.01 MB), image10.gif (< 0.01 MB), image11.jpg (0.02  
>MB), image12.jpg (0.01 MB)
>The file names you see here were created by the software. They DO NOT  
>show up when I open a copy in my Outlook Express client--but I do get  
>the paper clip attachment icon beside the email in the list view. I  
>got these file names by sending a copy to my Hotmail account, where  
>they do appear.

You are emailing a "web page" including all it's content. I.e. the
links to the graphics are not being preserved as links to your web
site, but rather the content of those links is being included in the
mail. Whether or not these show as 'attachments' in addition to being
shown as images in the rendered HTML is a function of the email client
(MUA) used to read the mail. It has nothing to do with Mailman as you
can see from the hotmail copy (presumably sent directly, not via the

You have to create your email with links to the content on your web
site, not with imbedded images. This is a function of how you create
the mail.

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