[Mailman-Users] Help: spam filtering and email bouncing

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jun 14 02:26:58 CEST 2006

Kinson Liu wrote:
>The product of my company uses mailman and we have been receiving spams 
>from time to time. The spams are not directly from spammers, but 
>mailman-bounces and other valid list with -bounces at the end of the 
>list name. We've been looking through bounce processing on the admin 
>part, but it doesn't seem to be the solution of this question since it 
>is only for disabling email accounts. Spam filter under privacy option 
>seems the right place, but the two textareas do not make too much sense 
>to me. Please help. One of the sample is pasted below.

I'm sorry. I do not understand what your problem is.

>*From:* mailman-bounces at lists.helixcommunity.org 
>[mailto:mailman-bounces at lists.helixcommunity.org] *On Behalf Of *dacey 
>*Sent:* Monday, June 12, 2006 7:38 AM
>*To:* some-valid-email-list at helixcommunity.org
>*Subject:* I'm not a follower... I'm a leader with the same idea

This looks like a Microsoft Outlook rendering of a message from the
'mailman' list posted to the list by "dacey aseria". This is the way
Outlook would show a message with

From: dacey aseria <user at example.com>


Sender: mailman-bounces at lists.helixcommunity.org

This would be the Sender in a message from the
mailman at lists.helixcommunity.org list. See
for more info. The Sender is set to the list-bounces address to help
get actual bounces returned to the proper place.

Is dacey aseria a list member? It looks like someone has spammed your
list by spoofing the address of a list member. There is no good way to
deal with this in Mailman although Privacy option->Spam filters may
help. The real solution is to do spam filtering in the incoming MTA
before the mail ever gets to Mailman.

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