[Mailman-Users] spamming of my list

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Jun 19 20:20:08 CEST 2006

Oliver Schulze L. wrote:
>The problem with this is that SpamAssassin does not provide a
>header like:
>x-spam-flag: yes
>instead, it provides a header like:
>x-spam-score: 5.2

I don't know about your Spamassassin, but in mine, I have these

#X-Spam-Flag: YES
add_header spam Flag _YESNOCAPS_

#X-Spam-Level: *************
add_header all Level _STARS(*)_

from in my case /usr/share/spamassassin/10_misc.cf.

The first causes "X-Spam-Flag: YES" to be added to all 'spam' and the
second causes "X-Spam-Level: *************" to be added to all
messages where the actual number of stars is the integral part of the
score. E.g., a message with a score of 1.9 gets "X-Spam-Level: *" and
a message with a score of 6.3 gets "X-Spam-Level: ******".

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