[Mailman-Users] Mailman only sending out some messages...

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jun 23 18:58:20 CEST 2006

Jamie Glendinning wrote:
>Most mails are going out - but randomly mails are going missing.

A message not received at all, or just not received by some users?

>we have been getting a large amount of bounced message count on most accounts withing mailman.
>we have about 270 addresses on the list.

This is a small list.

>my feeling is that the mailgateway/mta struggles to cope with mailman firing all the messages at it - it bounces messages back to mailman which then increases that users bounce count. eventually locking them out.

Possibly, but any MTA should be able to handle 270 recipients - less if
we subtract digests.

Is bounce processing set to notify owner on disable? If so, what does
the bounce say when members are disabled?

>as the server is using cpanel - I can't seem to see any log files...
>has anyone seen this issue before or has any suggestions as to how I can resolve/help my isp resolve the issue?


Basically, you/they need to see logs. Mailman's 'smtp' and
'smtp-failure' and maybe 'bounce' logs and the outgoing MTAs logs.

In the 'smtp' log you are looking for entries like:

Jun 22 17:56:26 2006 (1570) <message-id> smtp for 187 recips, completed
in 6.433 seconds

to verify the the number of recipients is as expected. You are also
looking for possible failures and reasons in 'smtp-failure'.

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