[Mailman-Users] move mail lists from Solaris to redhat

Dany Cuyt dacuy at psb.ugent.be
Wed Jun 28 14:47:41 CEST 2006

Currently we have mailman running on an old Sun sparc with Solaris 8.
I installed mailman on a new linux server with Redhat 4. I did some 
tests and mailman seems to work fine on the new system with newly 
created lists. The next step is to move the mail lists from the Solaris 
system to the Redat system. Does someone has done this before?
Can I just move the content of the lists, archive/public and 
archive/private folders? I noticed that Linux is using sometimes a 
different file extension than on Sun. As an example config.pck is found 
on linux and config.db is found on Solaris


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