[Mailman-Users] I really need to put a banner on the messages

daniel trejo demonveen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 19:48:31 CET 2006

hello; I explained to my boss the xss exploit, and that i would need to
change the code to put  a <img src=> tag on the header of the messages
posted on the lists. Nevertheless he still wants me to put  it.  So my
question  is  ¿do i have to join the developers list to get help with this
¿what are the requisites to join?¿what should i know?

Or let me explain the project  to see if  someone has suggestions , we need
to implement a mailing lists, there are like 5 divisions. each one with
different members, also each division has like three or four bosses and a
small staff of helpers, each boss has absolute  right of writting on the
list, the staff of helpers also can write on the list, but must include on
the footer the name of the boss authorizing the message.everyone else has no
right to post on the list, no one of the outside has the right to post on
the list, and I will be responsible of administrating all lists. So the
point is that the bosses only have to worry about writting the messages from

I  ve  already solved the permissions  problem,  but  the footer and header
are very troublesome. I suggested using mail merge of open office. But he
doesn't want to install it on every computer and to teach evreryone how to
use mail merge

thanks for reading

good bye

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