[Mailman-Users] follow-up to previous posts, exim + mailman + virtualhosts

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Mar 21 00:54:59 CET 2006

Bretton Vine wrote:

>My requirements are for an installation of mailman and exim on a single
>server to provide the following functionality:
>1. Same named lists, separate lists across domains namely:
>   --> listname at domain1.co.za
>   --> listname at domain2.co.za
>2. Domain name independent configuration of lists
>   i.e. listname at domain1.co.za is administered at
>        http://lists.domain1.co.za/mailman/listname
>        listname at domain2.co.za is administered at
>        http://lists.domain2.co.za/mailman/listname
>Can anyone tell me if this is (a) practical and (b) possible, with or
>without patches etc.

Mailman can't do this without some kind of patching unless every
listname is unique, but it should be possible with patches.

>If so, where could I find the relevant
>documentation on to do it? Can the config be setup in mailman or is some
>magic required with regards DNS, Apache (rewrite, redirect, alias
>directives etc) and Exim.

Assuming the different domains exist and are already separate in
Apache, I don't think you need any DNS changes. You need the standard
alias and scriptalias directives in Apache. You can have one set that
applies to all domains or separate sets for each virtual domain that
will support Mailman.

The patches you are looking at from <http://nix.lauft.net/mailman/> are
apparently for a postfix installation. You can look at the patch to
the modules in Mailman/MTA to see what is done to support this in
postfix, but you're on your own to translate this into the necessary
Transport and Router changes for exim.

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