[Mailman-Users] Accept non-members still being held for approval

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 3 16:05:29 CEST 2006

Alan wrote:

>But, after I put the e-mail in the list, all mails being sent from that 
>address are being held for approval.
>So, do I have to specify something else, or it is just the waz it should be?

There are at least two possibilities.

1) The messages are being held for some reason other than non-member
post. What is the hold reason? If you don't still have a held message
or notification, the reason is in Mailman's 'vette' log.

2) The address that is matched against accept_these_nonmembers may be
either the address in From: or the address in Sender: depending on the
setting of USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER in mm_cfg.py, and it has to be an exact
match against the string or pattern in accept_these_nonmembers. I.e.
if the address in accept_these_nonmembers is user at example.com and the
sender as determined above is user at mail.example.com, it won't match.
Note that in this example, if accept_these_nonmembers were
^user at .*example\.com either address would be matched by the reg exp.

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