[Mailman-Users] trouble running mailman in a virtual environment

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 3 16:20:21 CEST 2006

wiren wrote:
>Version 2.1.7, the latest available.

The current release is 2.1.8 <http://sourceforge.net/projects/mailman>.
For 2.1.7 also see

>Then a problem arose, mailman got stuck. My consultant went to see the 
>log and noticed several *interrupted system calls*.

Which log?

>As a workaround we put a script to restart mailman every 5 minuts.

Not necessarily a good idea. See

>All went smooth for a few days until last friday, when mailman got stuck 
>again and restarting it did not solve the problem.
>My consultants watched the logs more carefully and they reported several 
>"interrupted system calls".

Which logs?

>After a couple of days, mailman started to run again (we guess it was 
>due to the cron script) and released all the previous mail.
>Incoming mail is always received regularly, no user receive errors and 
>it is always immediately put into the on line archive of the lists, it 
>just do not get delivered untile mailman starts delivering again...

This would appear to be a problem with OutgoingRunner or SMTP delivery
to the outgoing MTA.

>Do you know of any problem relating to running mailman in virtual 
>environment? Any other hint? Unfortunately, log files are too concise to 
>get a good idea of what the problem is related to...

What log files are you looking at? What is in Mailman's 'error' and
'smtp-failure' logs?

When Mailman 'stops', has OutgoingRunner died? What's in Mailman's
'qrunner' log?


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