[Mailman-Users] How is the list is setup for digests?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri May 5 22:38:14 CEST 2006

Steve Campbell sent the message below at 11:29 5/5/2006:
>I really like how this list sends digests, in particular, how the individual
>emails are 'attached' as separate emails. Could someone provide the details
>of how this is done? And whether it is related to my particular MUA (Outlook
>Express)? Is it something that can be done through the normal UI for
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Mailman can send digests as either a text/plain format with all of 
the posts appended one after the other in a single mail message or in 
MIME format where you get a multipart/digest message.

You are obviously receiving the digest in MIME format which most 
modern MUA programs understand and can handle. The way a particular 
MUA handles such messages varies from one to the next. The text/plain 
version would typically be used by somebody who is using an older MUA 
that does not recognize the multipart/digest format.

The actual details of the multipart/digest MIME format are set out 
somewhere within RFC2045-2049 though I have not looked at them 
closely enough to tell you exactly where that information would be. 
You can find plain text versions of these documents by going here:



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