[Mailman-Users] Internet Service Providers and Spam

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Tue May 9 15:42:11 CEST 2006

On 9 May 2006, at 14:08, Phil usps wrote:

> We are in the middle of a contest with a very large, popular, and
> well-established ISP, who insists on declaring as spam, any message  
> sent to
> more than 100 of its customers. Since it is "spam", it is  
> automatically
> bounced, and hundreds of our list members not only do not receive the
> message, the Mailman bounce features handle the bounce action as  
> instructed.
> This can lead to "disable" or "discard".

This may not work but adjusting the configuration variable  
SMTP_MAX_RCPTS in mm_cfg to a lower figure, assuming you have not  
already over-ridden the default value of 500 in Defaults.py, might  
get you below whatever limit is being set for delivery to a single  
mail domain in a  single SMTP transaction, if that is the rule that  
is being applied and causing your problem. But this might not work if  
they are checking for a common hash value for message bodies across  
multiple deliveries. In that case using personalization of messages  
under MM 2.1.x might get you over that hurdle but at the expense of a  
performance hit for your mail servers, with a significantly larger  
volume of SMTP transactions, which might trip another rule ...

> One obvious way to circumvent the problem is to manually split the  
> list into
> parts
> and create, a list of lists. This will work OK with a one-way list,  
> but
> seems much more complicated with a two-way (discussion) list.
> Short of trying to chase our list members to a different ISP, does  
> anyone
> have a suggestion on how to split a discussion list? Negotiations  
> with the
> ISP are not proceeding satisfactorily, in spite of our server being  
> on his
> White List, and messages on other lists, with fewer addresses, are  
> going
> through.
> Currently use v 2.0.5, and planning a switch to v2.1.x when we switch
> servers.
> Philip Arcuni
> Chairman, Information Technology Committee
> Mail List Administrator
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