[Mailman-Users] Problem with the forward slash in digestannouncements

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri May 12 01:11:33 CEST 2006

Steve Campbell wrote:

>Looks like in the last digest sent, and probably the original also, that a 
>Subject line of "Rpms for RHEL/Centos 4?" gets chopped to "Centos 4" in the 
>attachment names due to the forward slash.

If I understand you correctly, you received a MIME format digest as a
multipart/mixed message consisting of a few text/plain sub-parts as
well as a multipart/digest sub-part in turn consisting of some
message/rfc822 sub-parts, each of which is one list message, and your
MUA (MS Outlook Express?) shows you the text/plain parts and a bunch
of attachments, each of which is one of the messages and has a name
which is normally the subject of the message, but in the case of the
message with subject "Rpms for RHEL/Centos 4?", was just "Centos 4?".

This naming of the attachments is strictly a function of your MUA.
There is no actual Content-Disposition: header with a filename=
parameter nor is there a name= parameter in the Content-Type: header
of these message parts. Your MUA either is Outlook Express or does
what it does which is to give the "attachment" a name which is that
portion of the Subject: to the right of the rightmost slash.
Thunderbird for example will give the same "attachment" a name equal
to the Subject: whether or not it contains slashes.

Mailman has nothing to do with this.

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