[Mailman-Users] does mailman support anonymous lists?

chris.dag dag at fedayi.sonsorol.org
Sun Nov 19 10:25:05 CET 2006

Apologies if this was covered here recently, the python site search program
seems to be refusing connections at this time. 

I currently use MailMan on the bioperl/biopython/biojava.org server(s) 
and was thinking about using it for a new project...the problem being 
that some of the lists we will be needing should be anonymous in nature, ie the
sender and related header info needs to be removed or obfuscated.

Is it easy/possible to do this with mailman? I know perl but am
completly clueless with Python. As a workaround I may use Mailman for
the regular lists and have the anon-lists run via Lyris on a different

dag at sonsorol.org

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