[Mailman-Users] Emails Not Being Delivered to All on List

Bruce E. Breeding BEBL.IT at InfoTechAccounting.com
Wed Nov 1 03:18:58 CET 2006

Thank you, Brad, for the clarification of DNS verification and its effect on mailman.  

So far, my web service provider has resisted changing his configuration of mailman.  When I suggested Turning OFF DNS verification per this list suggestion, [and provided the FAQ link] to the web service provider, he replied as follows:

"The drawback of this configuration is that it will work poorly on systems supporting lists in several different mail domains. While Mailman handles virtual domains, it does not yet support having two distinct lists with the same name in different virtual domains, using the same Mailman installation.  Our mailservers are currently configured for optimal performance with mailman, this is all integrated by the Cpanel Program which is used to configure all domains."

Would you comment on this?  Is there some misinformation here?  
-- Bruce
I'm only a poor user (can you hear the violins playing?)   I just need a reliable email list ... free of course (not too picky, huh?)  I know I'm not his only user of mailman (making me wonder why his other customers aren't complaining)...

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