[Mailman-Users] debian/exim4/mailman

Eric Walker sli1que at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 3 22:26:13 CET 2006

hello all,
I am trying to setup a mailing list with mailman. Let me give you the background.
1) I have a website that I want to maintain a list for but my host provider charges me if I run a list through that hosts. So I figured  I could run a list from my own personal machine and use remote smtp to just mail to the list. ( its going to be an announcement list only). Well, I am running debian and home and I was able to finally get exim4 talking with gmail and use googles smtp servers. When I do a send from the command line I see the messages go out and they are received. The message has the headers and looks as if its comes from my websites domain. Now, I am trying to install mailman. I created a test list and here are a couple of things I can't do and need help.
1) When I create  a list I get a message saying a new list is created and here is the password to admin it etc. I follow the links in the page and it takes me back to my home machine and I see the mailman pages. I can admin and add users. I cannot send an email to the list though...
I have other things I need a different outlook on but lets get me mailing to the list first.

Eric Walker

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