[Mailman-Users] Difficulties with mailman 2.1.5

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Nov 12 19:22:36 CET 2006

Brad Knowles wrote:

>At 3:47 PM -0500 11/11/06, Alan McConnell wrote:

Brad has covered this pretty well, but here's a bit more.

>>  1.  It often takes two or more repetitions to log on to the
>>  administrative page.  I am always careful about typing my
>>  password.
>On first blush, this sounds a lot like the problem discussed in FAQ 
>4.65 at 
>However, that problem would require you to always re-enter your 
>password, as opposed to something that would always work on the 
>second try.

Does the login page report an "Authorization failed." error, and a
second or third try succeeds? If so, I don't think the FAQ articles
are applicable in this case. If you're sure you are entering the
password correctly with no extra spaces, I don't know what could cause
this on a regular basis. Does the URI in the browser address bar
change after the failure?

>You will also want to read the related FAQ entries 4.45 and 4.71 
>(links included in the entry for FAQ 4.65 mentioned above).
>>  2.  When I go to the Membership Management/mass subscription
>>  page to subscribe a new member, this subscription often does
>>  not "take".  I get a nice screen saying "X is successfully
>>  subscribed", and I get E-mail saying that "X has been subscribed",
>>  but when I check it turns out that X is not in the list of
>>  members.  I find it remarkable that confirmation messages are
>>  sent out, without the file of list members having been successfully
>>  written.
>My guess is that this is related to issue #1 above, and if you can 
>get that problem fixed then this one seems that it would be likely to 
>also go away.

As Brad suggests, this may be related to the first issue. The only way
I see that this can happen is if the actual write of the confirmation
screen by the CGI encounters an exception. In this case, the updated
list will not have been saved, however, if this were to occur, you
should see the "we hit a bug" screen instead of the confirmation
screen, and the error should be logged in Mailman's 'error' log. Are
there any tracebacks in the 'error' log?

>>  3.  Worst of all: I want messages sent by our members to be
>>  sent also to the member that sent them.  This is not at present
>>  occurring.  I have _not_ checked the button in
>>	General Options -- Additional Settings -- Do not send a
>>	copy of a member's own post

This only controls the default of the "not metoo" setting for new

>>  Also, in the Membership list, the entry "not metoo" has _not_
>>  been checked.    I can find no other place where this behavior
>>  can be changed.

Other things to check.

Is the poster subscribed to 'messages' and not 'digests' ('digest'
unchecked in the Membership list)?

Is delivery enabled for the poster ('nomail' unchecked in the
Membership list)?

Does the poster have 'nodupes' checked in the Membership list? If so,
AND the poster is included in a To: or Cc: header of the post - e.g.,
the poster Cc's herself - she won't receive a copy from the list.

Does the poster use gmail? Gmail will not save a received message which
duplicates one already in the 'conversation'. I.e., poster sends a
post, and gmail saves it in 'Sent Mail'. Then when gmail receives the
post from the list, it is a duplicate of the message in 'Sent Mail' so
it is not saved. There may be other services or user MUAs that behave

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