[Mailman-Users] Difficulties with mailman 2.1.5

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Nov 12 03:08:39 CET 2006

At 3:47 PM -0500 11/11/06, Alan McConnell wrote:

>  1.  It often takes two or more repetitions to log on to the
>  administrative page.  I am always careful about typing my
>  password.

On first blush, this sounds a lot like the problem discussed in FAQ 
4.65 at 
However, that problem would require you to always re-enter your 
password, as opposed to something that would always work on the 
second try.

You will also want to read the related FAQ entries 4.45 and 4.71 
(links included in the entry for FAQ 4.65 mentioned above).

>  2.  When I go to the Membership Management/mass subscription
>  page to subscribe a new member, this subscription often does
>  not "take".  I get a nice screen saying "X is successfully
>  subscribed", and I get E-mail saying that "X has been subscribed",
>  but when I check it turns out that X is not in the list of
>  members.  I find it remarkable that confirmation messages are
>  sent out, without the file of list members having been successfully
>  written.

My guess is that this is related to issue #1 above, and if you can 
get that problem fixed then this one seems that it would be likely to 
also go away.

>  3.  Worst of all: I want messages sent by our members to be
>  sent also to the member that sent them.  This is not at present
>  occurring.  I have _not_ checked the button in
>	General Options -- Additional Settings -- Do not send a
>	copy of a member's own post
>  Also, in the Membership list, the entry "not metoo" has _not_
>  been checked.    I can find no other place where this behavior
>  can be changed.

I'm not sure what to tell you.

You've checked the two things I know of to check, and yet you're 
seeing precisely the kind of behaviour we would expect when these 
features are used.

On this one, I have no idea what might be happening.

>  I am cc-ing the support staff at patriot.net, since they will be
>  interested in any replies I get.  PatriotNet is a Linux shop, but
>  I do not know what python version they are running.  I myself
>  have programming experience, but no acquaintance with python.

One thing that would help is if your ISP was running the latest 
version of Mailman -- we're now on version 2.1.9.  There have been a 
number of feature enhancements since version 2.1.4, and more 
importantly there have been a variety of critical security updates 
that have also been made.

Anyone running older code at this stage is leaving themselves wide 
open to vulnerabilities that could easily result in the entire 
machine being compromised, perhaps even by an automated rootkit tool.

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