[Mailman-Users] spam

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 17 00:20:07 CET 2006

Snake wrote:
>I am getting a huge amount of spam sent to my list owner addresses for all
>my lists, is there any way I can stop this?
>Can I setup my lists so that only mailman itself can email me and that other
>people cannot send email to list-owner at mylist.com

As Patrick says in another reply, spam filtering is best done in the
incoming MTA, before it ever gets to Mailman.

However, to answer your question, mail to the -owner address is
processed through a pipeline of handlers defined as OWNER_PIPELINE in
Defaults.py. SpamDetect (i.e.processing of header_filter_rules) is in
that pipeline, but it probably isn't feasable to use
header_filter_rules for this as the same rules apply to list posts,
but you could implement a simple custom handler to discard any message
that didn't have a message-id of the form generated by mailman or a
mailman-like envelope sender or from address and add that to the


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