[Mailman-Users] Approve subscription requests via mail

Georg Sauthoff gsauthof at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Fri Nov 17 11:47:04 CET 2006


when someone subscribes to my mailman mailinglist I get a subscription
request (like I configured it):
At your convenience, visit: http://www.etc.example.org/foo/bar

Hm, this is not the convenience I imagined.

Is it possible to configure mailman in such a way, that the admin is
able to approve such subscription requests via mail?

E.g. mailman could send some hash with the request and I would simply reply
adding an approve/deny command string to it.

Btw, it looks like the subject of the subscription request is localized
according to the users language choice. The body is localized to the
admin language choice.

(I am using mailman 2.1.5-9ubuntu4.)

Best regards
Georg Sauthoff

PS: Is it ok, if I submit a subscribtion request for this list to
www.gmane.org (a nntp gateway and web-archive of mailinglists)?

PPS: Perhaps you could remove the direct link to this list from
http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/lists.html (in the left row) -
because the list requires subscription.

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