[Mailman-Users] Approve subscription requests via mail

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Nov 17 16:39:40 CET 2006

Georg Sauthoff sent the message below at 02:47 11/17/2006:

>PS: Is it ok, if I submit a subscribtion request for this list to
>www.gmane.org (a nntp gateway and web-archive of mailinglists)?
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There was a rather drawn out, and sometimes heated discussion about 
this recently. IIRC, the outcome of that discussion was that the 
owner and maintainers of this list do not want the content of this 
list carried on the gmane service at this time.

I don't recall exactly the specific reasons for this but a search of 
this list's archives should turn it up in no time.


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