[Mailman-Users] suppression of recipient list?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Nov 18 18:06:42 CET 2006

Glen Page wrote:
>I have Mailman ver. 2.1.9 up and running successfully. All the lists  
>seem to be working fine with one "small" but potentially "big" flaw.
>On all of my lists, when a message is sent to the list, the message  
>received by the list members has the entire list of members in the  
>header of the email. This text is quoted from one such header:
>X-Thet.Net-Mailscanner-From: 	privatelist-bounces at lists.thet.net
>	X-Thet.Net-Mailscanner-To: 	user1 at thet.net, user2 at thet.net,  
>user3 at thet.net, user4 at thet.net, user5 at thet.net, user6 at thet.net,  
>user7 at thet.net
>I have done everything that I can think of and don't know where else  
>to look. Is this something Mailman is doing or is it Mailscanner?
>How do I fix it?

Your outgoing MTA (Thet.Net-Mailscanner?) is creating this header based
on the envelope recipients of the message.

You may or may not be able to fix this in the MTA.

I think you can avoid this issue by making mailman send a separate
message to each recipient. You can do this in one of the following

1) In mm_cfg.py set


   This is not recommended because it has all the performance
implications of 2) and none of the advantages.

2) In mm_cfg.py set


3) In mm_cfg.py set


   and then on the list admin Non-digest options page set personalize
to Yes. This will only affect individual messages, not digests.

>The other complaint that I had from one subscriber was that the  
>messages from the list are in a "slightly odd format that confused my  
>mail reader.  It was a multipart MIME message where the main part,  
>the message itself, was treated as an enclosure."
>Is this something I can do something about?

This may be because you have specified a msg_header in non-digest
options. See
which applies to the msg_header as well as the msg_footer. If you
don't think you have a msg_header, make sure the text box is empty,
not just blank.

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