[Mailman-Users] suppression of recipient list?

Glen Page glen.page at thet.net
Sat Nov 18 14:47:09 CET 2006

I have read the FAQs and searched both the FAQs and the archives and  
can't find an answer so I am posting it here to see if anyone else  
has seen this problem and/or knows a solution.

I have Mailman ver. 2.1.9 up and running successfully. All the lists  
seem to be working fine with one "small" but potentially "big" flaw.
On all of my lists, when a message is sent to the list, the message  
received by the list members has the entire list of members in the  
header of the email. This text is quoted from one such header:

X-Thet.Net-Mailscanner-From: 	privatelist-bounces at lists.thet.net
	X-Thet.Net-Mailscanner-To: 	user1 at thet.net, user2 at thet.net,  
user3 at thet.net, user4 at thet.net, user5 at thet.net, user6 at thet.net,  
user7 at thet.net

Note -- I edited the list name and replace the real subscriber names  
with user1, user2 etc. as this is supposed to be private list and we  
are trying to avoid some spam.

I have done everything that I can think of and don't know where else  
to look. Is this something Mailman is doing or is it Mailscanner?
How do I fix it?

The other complaint that I had from one subscriber was that the  
messages from the list are in a "slightly odd format that confused my  
mail reader.  It was a multipart MIME message where the main part,  
the message itself, was treated as an enclosure."
Is this something I can do something about?

Thanks in advance for helping someone new to Mailman!

Glen Page
Technology Systems Administrator

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